OS X: 10.5 “Leopard” First Thoughts

by Matt Mecham on October 29, 2007

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I’ll save a more verbose review for a later blog entry, but I wanted to get some information ‘out there’.

First off, the new metallic look is pretty nifty. It gives a nice “new” feel to the standard menus and toolbars. The new ‘Coverflow’ is very nice, too. It provides a quick and easy way to scroll through your files to find what you’re looking for.

The new 3D dock is pretty to look at but it’s very hard to see which applications you have running. All you have is a tiny little white arrow (or is it a ball?) underneath the running application.

“Stacks” are fun to play with. I dragged my Application folder into the dock to create a ‘stack’. Handy to launch applications without rooting through finder. I can probably remove a lot of infrequently used applications from my dock, now.

Time Machine is very fancy to look at but it has limited usefulness to me. Most of my daily work is web based and versioned using SVN. This makes Time Machine pretty much redundant for day to day work. I also use iBackup to archive my photos and music daily which takes up much less space. For this reason alone, I’ll most likely turn Time Machine off. The two hour backup is slightly distracting when it runs, also.

I’ve not played much with ‘Spaces’ as I have a two monitor set-up but I can see this being very useful for my MacBook.

As with any new OS X release, there are a few teething troubles with existing OS X applications.

The first is with Adium. MSN wouldn’t connect this morning. This post fixed it.

You have to do some jiggery-pokery to get PHP and MySQL running. I usually use the excellent Entropy packages but these don’t work yet with 10.5. You can get the OS X version of PHP running using this post, but it is a bare-bones installation without GD, etc.

I received a warning message when I launched mail about the plugin ‘SpamSieve’ being disabled. If you use this plugin, then read this to get it working again.

So far, so good…

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