Protective Instincts

by Matt Mecham on November 19, 2007

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On Saturday night, Debbie and I went to the Christmas lights switch on in our city centre. It’s something we do each year with Debbie’s sister and her children.

This event is held in what is called Cathedral Square. Unsurprisingly called because it’s a square outside the Cathedral walls flanked by shops and the local shopping centre It’s usually a busy event made worse this year by an ice-rink taking up valuable space which forced the crowd back further towards the shops.

At one point Debbie and I decided to go for a walk. We were waiting for her sister and Debbie is starting to suffer with pelvic pain and walking sometimes eases that. We got through the crowd easily and reached the shopping centre before learning that her sister had arrived and was waiting for us the other side of the crowd with a good view of the stage.

We made our way back and noticed the crowd was much thicker as it was nearing the time for the main attraction. We began to make our way through. I decided to go first and try and clear a path for Debbie, who had hold of my hand behind me. Unfortunately, several hundred other peopleĀ  had the same idea and were attempting to cross from all directions. It quickly descended into a nightmarish scrum with everyone vying for an inch of movement. As we paused to decide which way to go a few people literally pushed us aside to get past. We made progress andĀ  I turned to check on Debbie and there was a man between us. I must have shot him a murderous stare when I noticed he was beginning to impinge on Debbie’s space; literally crushing her. He told me “You’ve gotta shove to get through, ain’t you?” as way of explanation.

In response, I found myself saying, rather loudly: “Do you mind?! You’re pushing my pregnant wife!”. I decided to gloss over the fact that we’re not actually married. I deduced that the vagaries of our relationship could be excused in exchange for clarity.

“What? She’s pushing me!” came the incredulous response.

Now, I admit that Debbie herself sometimes misjudges where she ends and bumps me now and again. However, I find it impossible to believe that she is now using our unborn child as a weapon to annoy fellow revelers.

I think I berated him further before he slipped into the crowd.

I honestly don’t know who is more surprised. He for finding himself being shouted at by a six foot nutter with a pregnant wife, of me, for turning into a six foot nutter to protect my pregnant wife.

Either way, Debbie later told me that she considered throwing herself to the floor out of sheer embarrassment.


1 Mummy-To-Be November 19, 2007 at 11:07 am

Oh, I am crying reading this entry. Too funny. However, the situation was far from funny, it was actually very scary. I was trying so hard to make sure that my belly wasn’t banged or bumped in the process of getting through this awful crowd and trying to hold on to Matt at the same time.

When I realised this man was wedging himself between Matt and I, I tried to let go of Matt – which he was NOT allowing, then I heard him turn into this maniac who started shouting at the old man, telling him he was squashing his “pregnant wife”. Me being me, (I hate any attention being focused on me like that), decided that it would be best for Matt to let go so I could make my own way through. I’d already also decided that if Matt didn’t shut up, I’d be better off throwing myself onto my knees so I couldn’t be seen before I died of embarrassment! I was more bemused though at the fact that he said I was banging into HIM – er, I was busy trying to protect my precious little bump thank you very much!

I was also watching in horror at a mother with a small baby to the side of me, screaming at the woman in front of her who was more or less resting her huge shopping bags on the baby’s head behind her in his pushchair. I thought about shouting at her on behalf of the mother of the baby since I was closer but I doubt I would have been heard.

All in all, the lights and entertainment were great, but the actual set up of the event needed much more thought.. as did many of the people who attended.

2 MarkP November 19, 2007 at 6:53 pm

I know where you are coming from on this and I can relate to that feeling and if anything it gets stronger… wanting to protect your little one and partner.

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