Our 4D Scan

by Matt Mecham on December 21, 2007

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We finally got to see what our little baby looks like. Although it was more of a special preview of what’s to come in March, it took my breath away.

It’s one thing to see one’s child wriggling on a 2D ultrasound, but it’s another to see them with such clarity as they smile, suck their fingers and yawn. For the first time we were able to determine how our genes have been cooked. We deduced that Flump has Debbie’s nose (much to her relief!) and my lips. It’s a strange thing to see body parts that you’re intimate with transposed onto your child.

The entire session lasted for little over half an hour. Flump was behaving for the most part although she took to hiding behind her hands and a foot at one point. The sonographer asked Debbie to push her fingers into her abdomen to keep Flump’s hands down. It was quite unique to see the effect that direct external stimuli has.

The geek in me found the technology very interesting. Not only was she able to rotate the image on the X and Y axis but she was able to rotate it around the Z axis too. In simple terms, she could rotate a frontal shot to make it a profile shot with a deft combination of the trackball. Not content with just that, she was also able to remove some of the placenta from an image that was obscuring part of her face before rotating it back to make a perfect image.

It is very hard to connect what we were seeing on screen with that fact that our child is growing inside Debbie’s abdomen. It’s hard to marry the fact with the absolute reality of it. We weren’t seeing a baby on the screen. We were seeing our baby. Our baby. That we made.

Suddenly it’s getting real. The end of the pregnancy is very much insight and I don’t think it’s really sunk in that at some point during March we’ll have a baby.

Our baby. Our beautiful baby.

Here’s a gallery of the images and a copy of the entire DVD.

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1 MarkP December 22, 2007 at 5:50 pm

We never had the 4d scans done with our little one but looking through your pictures makes me think we should have considered it more, I was scared of accidentally finding out the sex of the baby before they were born.

Thank you for sharing the scans…

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