We're engaged!

by Matt Mecham on February 7, 2008

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No, not Debbie and I. We’ve been engaged for a while. Our little baby has finally got his or her head firmly wedged into Debbie’s pelvis.

It was our midwife appointment today which is something we both look forward to. We have a nice friendly midwife who’s very pleasant if not a little scatty.

She wasn’t there today and we both groaned. The first midwife we saw for a routine appointment months ago wasn’t rude, but she wasn’t overly warm either. Brisk and business-like is possible the most polite way of putting it. Since we’ve ‘found’ Jo, we’ve not wanted anyone else.

We were surprised to note that our midwife-de-jour was actually very nice. This wasn’t apparent just from looking at her. Her stocky frame squeezed into her blue scrubs with a battle-worn matronly cardigan pulled tightly over her torso. Her greying brown hair pulled back into a tight and short pony tail. Her experience weathered face finished the ensemble, giving the appearance of a strict headmistress more used to dealing out corporal punishment than catching babies.

Thankfully, we weren’t there for either today. She took Debbie’s blood pressure, joking that the cuff was ‘nicely warmed up now’. We had a brief discussion about fetal movements as Debbie mentioned she hadn’t felt any, which was Flump’s cue to start wriggling before Debbie was asked to clamber onto the bed.

After the fundal measurement was taken, she had a good feel for the head and after consulting with our notes announced that Flump was now 1/5th engaged. This was something we’d waited, well, 35 weeks to hear. Our unborn was getting into position to be welcomed into the world. This sent a wave of euphoria through me. We’re almost there. It really won’t be long, now.

Prodding concluded, the sonic probe squelched  before revealing our little baby’s beating heart. Before I heard the rhythmic beating, a strange creeping thought flickered for a second; there is no baby. There never was. It disappeared a second before the room filled with sound. She had the probe very low down almost under the bump. She explained that she was hearing the heartbeat through his or her shoulder and noted how low the probe was to give us a better understanding of just how low our little one is now. She also showed us which direction Flump was laying; bum to the right, limbs to the left. I started intently at Debbie’s exposed abdomen and summoned up a vision of an imaginary baby laying there all curled up. Another wave of euphoria. There’s really a  baby in there.

We’re considered full term in just over a week. What a journey it’s been already and what a journey life will be.


1 feelX February 8, 2008 at 2:31 am

all the best wishes for your baby …

the next weeks and monthes 4 you becomes a very nice time and be very interesting …

the 1st 2 years have a great charm …

‘ve fun

2 Mummy2Be February 8, 2008 at 2:57 pm

I am banning myself from your Blog. Not once have I managed to read this particular entry without sobbing like a moron!

3 Debbie September 13, 2011 at 6:27 pm

Lol @ my last comment above. Hormonal or what?

Imagine if there’d not been a baby. I’d have been a flipping’ freak!! Lol.

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