The nursery is complete!

by Matt Mecham on February 20, 2008

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Finally. It’s complete.

We ordered the furniture from Kiddicare back in very early December and were told to expect a 6-8 week wait. What a long 6-8 weeks that was!

We ordered the ‘Susannah’ range from ‘KidsMill’ who are based in Holland. They come over and assemble it for you, which is an added plus. My rudimentary D.I.Y skills can stretch to assembling flat-pack furniture but I’d rather leave my child’s safety to the professionals. Plus, if they break anything, then it’s their fault and Debbie can glare at them and not me.

Around 5pm on the 11th of February we had a knock at the door. We knew who it was because we’d spent nearly 15 minutes watching two men re-arrange half their (massive) lorry to extract our furniture. Two very nice Dutch men were at the door. They were wearing clogs. No, I’m being serious. They were fancy leather ‘business shoe’ looking; but definitely clogs. I offered to help them in with the boxes and they nervously glanced at each other before telling me in quite good English that I may. They helpfully picked out the lightest boxes for me. I did debate whether I should tell them that my exercise regime incorporates weight lifting and that I was more than capable but decided against it. I’m sure Dutch health and safety laws are no more lax than our own.

Having two Europeans in our house caused an interesting reaction within me. Suddenly I felt as if I was an Ambassador for England. Despite the fact that they probably travel all over Europe assembling furniture and have been over in the UK many times before, I couldn’t help but feel that I should put on a jolly good show for old Blighty.

I offered them a drink. Which was a mistake because all we had was builder’s tea, green tea, instant coffee and water. That’s not much of a selection for two sophisticated Dutch men. They’re probably used to the finest coffees in Europe. How embarrassing! I felt I should apologise when I fulfilled their request for two coffees. “I’m sorry it’s only instant. We do have some good coffee shops in this country, it’s just that we’re not much for coffee in this house. Please accept my apologies. Honestly, we’re not uncultured pigs”.

Naturally, I never said that. That would have made me look crazy when I was doing so well keeping it a secret. I’m almost sure that these two men probably live in their truck when they’re over here and drink service station coffee all the time. That’s what I convinced myself of, in any case.

Nearly three hours later, the nursery was complete. Farewells bid, we rushed back upstairs to marvel at our finished nursery.

We’re really having a baby. Here are some pictures of Flump’s room.

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