IP.Board 3.0.0

by Matt Mecham on June 29, 2009

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I’m almost certain that regular readers will have seen that IP.Board 3.0.0 was officially launched alongside our new website.

This single event is the culmination of over a year’s work from a small but incredibly dedicated team. IP.Board 3.0.0 has evolved from the internal roadmap we drew up in 2008 and so much has happened since then both professionally and personally.

I started work on the framework back in February 2008 before my son was born. It seems impossible to think that there was a time where I didn’t have him in my life. I wrote a few prototypes for the framework which evolved over a month or so. The work didn’t really start until May when I got back to work pretty much full time. The pace really picked up when Brandon, Josh and Rikki came onboard and it has been a real team effort since then.

Development really tested us in all areas both externally and internally. We underwent a major transformation in how we communicate as a company that spans two continents and we’ve gone from strength to strength since. A new phone system means that the phone that is on my desk is just an extension from our US number which has paid dividends in the hours I’ve spent on it. A new internal intranet has streamlined pretty much everything else. We have a great system where we can share ideas, files and more importantly write up tasks and milestones.

The real fun began late last year when we revealed a late alpha ‘preview’ board. We had a lot of feedback and continue to do so and we’re incredibly grateful for that. Even though this release is labeled as 3.0.0, it really is much further advanced than that. Thanks to the collaboration between development and community we’ve managed to take out unpopular bits, add in commonly requested bits and streamlined the interface into something most find acceptable. Without this symbiotic process we’d not have such a rounded product, of that I am sure.

Blowing one’s own trumpet is usually frowned upon unless you own a trumpet and know how to play one. But I am incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved. IP.Board 3.0.0 is an excellent product. I make no excuses for such a bold statement. It’s extensible, customizable and you can add in your own stuff without needing to edit a single file. I’ve found the new framework to be very useful in refactoring the subscriptions manager – something I wish to blog about separately soon.
And the new website is just awesome. When Rikki casually slung me a link a while back my jaw hit the desk and it remained there for some time. He nailed it, quite frankly. On reflection, we’d all agree we went too corporate back in 2.2/2.3 when we were trying to put across that we’re a professional outfit and no longer a freebie vendor but now we can relax a bit and show that we’re all about communities; yours and ours.

If you own an IP.Board license then give yourself a pat on the back for making an excellent purchasing decision. It is a very exciting time for us all. We’ve hit our stride and we’re taking no time to rest. We’ve got Brandon’s Community Content System up next along with 3.0.1, the subscriptions manager, MSSQL and a few little things we’re working on in secret.


1 bramburn June 29, 2009 at 7:21 pm

congrats Matt for all the hard work you’ve placed in there.

I really like IPB and its and basically everything around it, the code is clean, the community is good, its not DULL but full of colours and life.

I’ve tried to code for a few other Board system but IPB is by far the best I’ve played with.

It’s been 4 years (today) I’ve owned a license with IPB. I hate to say that I was using a pirated version before, but I was 17 with no job. But now I own two licenses as I can afford to.

keep it up, I hope you do release OTHER modules or software surrounding IPB.

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