by Matt Mecham on June 1, 2010

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We recently returned from another trip to Blackpool and its fast becoming a favourite destination for a short break. It is of course the epitome of tacky seaside resorts but if you’re willing to put aside prejudice you’ll be seduced by her charms.

On my last visit, I took some pictures of the gritty side of Blackpool. You don’t have to look far beyond the neon lights and plastic signs to see the wind battered buildings and cheap hotels and shops. Blackpool is currently undergoing a massive sea front regeneration which greatly improves the promenade beyond the tramlines.

On this journey, I wanted to capture the more charming side and the weather varied greatly producing some interesting contrasts. The first day, Friday, was sunny and warm and we had a run on the beach. Saturday was murky and wet with the rain hammering across the piers. Luke slept as we took a walk on the quiet North Pier. I enjoyed the peace and quiet and it was a nice change of pace from the loud clubs and flashy arcades. Sunday brought bright skies and harsh winds that blew the sea into impressive peaks as it crashed against the shore.

I took over 500 pictures and whittled this down to 38 which “tell” the story without too much repetition. No one wants to skip through 50 pictures of the Tower taken from slightly different angles.

Most of the pictures were tweaked a little to bring out colours or texture. I used a mixture of iPhoto’s built in editing tools and Photoshop for the heavy lifting. iPhoto’s ‘heal’ tool was useful to quickly remove dust and imperfections from the lens and sensor. I really must get that sent in to be cleaned.

All the photos were taken on my Canon 350d, purchased from one Tom Ford.

Here’s the set at Flickr.

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