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by Matt Mecham on August 25, 2011

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Here’s a very quick tip if you’re using a Mac and you’re attempting to go paperless.

You could use your scanner’s software to scan to a JPEG and then drag and drop that directly into Evernote but that’s a little time consuming when you have to do it a few dozen times. What’s more, if you had a multi-paged document, it would mean having several separate files.

Enter “ScanDrop” for Mac. It allows you to scan directly into Evernote as well as Dropbox, GMail and more. It works very well and is simple to use. You scan your pages and you can CMD click several scanned images to send to a single Evernote. When you do multiple documents it creates a single multi-paged PDF file which Evernote processes with its OCR software so it’s fully searchable.

Neat! Even though my Epson “All in one” wasn’t listed, it found it fine over the network and I didn’t have any trouble. You can purchase it from the Mac Store too.

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