Easy Photoblogging with Flickr and WordPress

by Matt Mecham on September 1, 2011

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I used to have a Tumblr account which I used for off the cuff messages and photos. Tumblr is great but with each new service you sign up to, you further fracture your “life” stream. You put bits of content here, and other bits there. Sometimes there is overlap and sometimes there is not.

I’ve decided to stop using Tumblr and re-use my blog for this. Blogging doesn’t have to mean 1,000 word essays and it keeps all your content in one place.

One of the things I really like doing is photoblogging and Tumblr was great for that as they had an iPhone app. It was a really quick and simple process to upload an image which was perfect when you’re out and about. WordPress has an iPhone app but it’s slightly more involved to quickly upload an image. It involves using the app to add a new attachment, then inserting the attachment HTML into the editor and manually adding text underneath which does get a bit fiddly.

So I went looking for different options and I came across the excellent WooThemes WordPress plug in and iPhone app. This is a pretty good solution but it means adding a new custom theme to your blog or adding a plug-in which calls for a list of manual theme edits. I didn’t want to go down this route so I found a pretty easy and free alternative: Flickr.

The excellent Flickr allows you to set up your blog under your “Sharing and Extending” account preferences. First, you’ll need to log into your WordPress admin and make sure that under Tools > Settings that “Remote Publishing” has the XML-RPC service ticked.

Go into Flickr and set up your blog in the sharing and extending panel. Next, go to the Upload By Email / Blog preferences panel to chose your size preferences. Once that is complete, you’ll get two email addresses. One will email the picture to Flickr, the other will email the picture to Flickr and publish it on your blog! Add these email addresses into your phone’s contacts.

Then, to blog a new picture just email the picture to the email address you stored in your phone’s contacts. The subject line becomes the blog title and anything you enter in the email body is added under the picture.

I did a test blog here to make sure it works. You might want to set up a “Geo Fence” in Flickr as mobile phone images contain location information. The geo fence feature allows you to set up a hotspot that doesn’t share your location. Great for when you’re at home.

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