National Space Centre – Leicester

by Matt Mecham on September 13, 2011

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Did you know we had a national space centre? No – neither did I.

Not only do we have one, but it’s only a short drive from our house, so even though Debbie and Luke had been previously, we took a trip there on Sunday to check it out and I wasn’t disappointed! It’s a great place to take your kids as there’s tons of hands on exhibits and numerous displays to digest. There’s a replica section of the ISS to check out as well as ‘Tranquility Base’ a hands on exhibition styled like an underground base on a remote planet.

The most impressive section has to be the two rockets, one the US Thor and the other the British Blue Streak. They have them fitted with lights, a massive BOSE subwoofer and a smoke machine so they give the impression they are igniting at regular intervals. I dare anyone to suppress their inner child when they are set off.

Well worth a visit if you have young kids or even just to check out the piece of moon rock they have on display, replicate and real satellites and other artefacts that have been used in various space missions.

Here’s a few photos from our recent visit.

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