Evernote – Print to Evernote from your iPhone

August 26, 2011

Here’s another quick Evernote tip when you’re in Wi-Fi coverage of your home but not at your computer. Actually, this tips is pretty handy for anyone that wants to print to their printer from their iPhone but doesn’t have one of the Apple recognised Air Print printers. For a reasonable sum ($19.95) you can purchase [...]

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Evernote – Scan directly to Evernote on a Mac

August 25, 2011
evernote scan

Here’s a very quick tip if you’re using a Mac and you’re attempting to go paperless. You could use your scanner’s software to scan to a JPEG and then drag and drop that directly into Evernote but that’s a little time consuming when you have to do it a few dozen times. What’s more, if [...]

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Evernote – Become more efficient and productive today!

August 24, 2011

I’m sure you’re like me. No, not really, really, ridiculously good looking; totally unorganised. I have paperwork stuffed into folders, stuffed into cupboards with heavy things moved in front to prevent the door from falling open. The back of my desk is a graveyard for lost post it notes. One day in the future an [...]

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