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A Winged Victory For The Sullen

December 12, 2011

If you like modern classic music and/or Sigur Ros, then you’ll probably like these guys too. Check out the YouTube video of one of my favourite songs from the album. Absolutely beautiful.  

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Random thing I love about my iPhone

October 13, 2011

When I was a child, I always wanted to stick a pin into a map of all the places I’d been. Happily, all I have to do is take a photo with my iPhone and a digital pin is stuck in a map for me. How cool is that?

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2000 Year Old Stories Are Probably Exaggerated

September 9, 2010

Zombie and Vampire culture is very much part of our zeitgeist. There are stacks of books and movies about both and people talk as if they actually exist as some part of pseudo reality. There are even a few fitness programs designed to help you survive the apocolypse. Of course, the saner among us discuss [...]

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Moody Bishop Bashes Christmas Carols

December 1, 2009

Debbie tweeted the link to the source article at the BBC and my thoughts were too verbose to be contained in a single tweet. Popular Christmas carols contain “nonsense”, and adults who sing them should be embarrassed, the Bishop of Croydon has said in a book. The Rt Rev Nick Baines criticised adults singing Away [...]

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Xfactor Wrap Up

October 11, 2009

Sunday’s new XFactor show opened with the magnificent twelve attacking the stage with a group number. Simon’s boys fixed the camera with shit eating grins that had the hallmarks of a frustrated choreographer shouting: “no, more!”; and sang perfectly off key. The other acts joined in at strategic points. Most remembered to put the microphone [...]

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The Apple Store

September 6, 2009

It may surprise you to know that I hadn’t set foot inside an Apple Store until today. Of course I have purchased many Macs during my 15 year fascination with the mighty Apple. I’ve purchased a few from PCWorld. A few online and a few in our local Apple reseller (KRCS). I have walked past [...]

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The simple joys of being a parent

August 25, 2009

My son is nearly 18 months old and every day is an adventure. If you don’t have children and the thought of owning one doesn’t appeal then what follows may mean nothing. I certainly wouldn’t blame you for writing this off as gushing nonsense. If you have young children then it may make you smile [...]

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Mostly Testing

August 23, 2009

We went to Cadbury World yesterday. We’ve been before but that was about 4 years ago or so. Quite a lot is the same but there are a few new additions most noticeably the Essences “show” which culminates in a free pot of warm chocolate. It’s mostly an educational visit; indeed they stress that it’s [...]

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WordPress App For Blackberry

August 21, 2009

I know that the iPhone has had a wordpress app for a while but BlackBerry users have been out of luck. Until now. There’s a new app for Blackberry that enables you to edit and add new blog posts as well as manage comments, etc. It’s in beta and I’m using it to write this [...]

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