The Secret Millionaire in Peterborough

November 21, 2011

Last night’s episode of The Secret Millionaire focused its cameras squarely on my home town of Peterborough. Peterborough rapidly expanded in the 70s and 80s by adding ‘townships’. Some of these townships have fallen into disrepair and there are some very unsavoury parts of our city. However, on balance, I’d say that generally Peterborough is [...]

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Music Monday: Some songs you may or may not have heard

September 12, 2011

It’s Monday. Here’s a few of my current favourite songs. Peter Bradley Adams: Los Angeles The Maccabees: Kiss and Resolve Villagers: The Pact The Boxer Rebellion: Spitting Fire Yuck: The Wall

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9/11 + 10

August 31, 2011

I can barely believe that it’s almost ten years since 9/11. I still remember being at work before IPS was my full time job and hearing over the news that a plane had accidentally crashed into the world trade centre. Immediately Charles appeared on AOL messenger and we chatted as it developed. We ended up [...]

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Twitter and Authorize.net

July 3, 2009

I love Twitter. Not true love like one loves their children or spouse. It’s more like the love one has for a favourite sandwich or fruit. But obnoxious similes aren’t the reason for writing. No. I’m writing because I just experienced a wonderfully prescient example of why Twitter is just so darn awesome. I sometimes [...]

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IP.Board 3.0.0

June 29, 2009

I’m almost certain that regular readers will have seen that IP.Board 3.0.0 was officially launched alongside our new website. This single event is the culmination of over a year’s work from a small but incredibly dedicated team. IP.Board 3.0.0 has evolved from the internal roadmap we drew up in 2008 and so much has happened [...]

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Michael Jackson

June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson died last night. Whilst I do offer my respects to his family, I’m not here to write about that. I’m writing to reflect on how the online population has responded to this event. As one would suspect it brings out the good in some and the bad in others. I would never label [...]

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Sigur Ros – Heim / Heima / Hvarf

November 9, 2007

As blogged previously, I was impatiently awaiting the release of the 2 DVD set “Heima”; a documentary on their recent free Icelandic tour and their new double CD “Heim / Hvarf” which has a CD containing some re-recorded acoustic tracks and a CD of new recordings (including the hard to find Salka). The re-recorded “Von” [...]

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OS X: 10.5 “Leopard” First Thoughts

October 29, 2007

I’ll save a more verbose review for a later blog entry, but I wanted to get some information ‘out there’. First off, the new metallic look is pretty nifty. It gives a nice “new” feel to the standard menus and toolbars. The new ‘Coverflow’ is very nice, too. It provides a quick and easy way [...]

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We’re officially Pregnant

August 23, 2007

Debbie and I have known since the end of June that we’re pregnant. We wanted to keep it pretty much to ourselves until we had our 12 week scan and told all our family. We had decided very recently to start a family after years of ‘thinking’ about it. I’ll spare you the graphic detail [...]

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Sigur Ros – At Home

August 20, 2007

I’m a huge Sigur Ros fan. They’re releasing some new material over the next few months. A compilation album featuring some previously unrecorded songs (including the beautiful Salka) is due out in November and the band have a website up for their ‘Heima’ project which is a DVD of their recent Icelandic tour. They’ve released [...]

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