Let’s talk about Derek

April 13, 2012

Last night, Channel 4 aired Ricky Gervais’ pilot “Derek”. The comedy/drama features Gervais as Derek; a man with learning difficulties who works in an elderly people’s home. There is much discussion over whether it is right for Gervais to play a character with learning difficulties. Is it moral? Is he poking fun at those with [...]

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I’m still standing!

April 12, 2012

(Yeah, yeah, yeah) A few weeks back, I blogged about switching to a standing desk and I wanted to throw a little update together to share my progress. When researching standing desks, a recurrent theme was to expect discomfort. Some bloggers recommended standing for 15 minutes to start with and extending the standing time slowly. [...]

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Why I switched to a standing desk

March 28, 2012
Die Euphorie erreicht ihren Höhepunkt

Are you sitting comfortably? Any office worker chained to their computer for the best part of the day will undoubtably complain of RSI, lower back pain or mysterious cramps and aches that come and go. I am the same. I’ve been working at a desk for nearly 15 years now and I’m convinced that it’s [...]

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Facebook’s New Profile Timeline

September 27, 2011

Unless you’ve been walking around with your fingers in your ears while humming “nah-nah-nah” you’ll be aware that Facebook recently announced a major new change to how profiles are viewed and managed. Thanks to a tip off from Tom Ford, I was able to enable a preview of this feature on my own Facebook account [...]

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Don’t Hate The New Facebook

September 22, 2011

“Pow!” “Thwap!”   That’s the sound of Google+ and Facebook slugging it out for our continued patronage. If you’re not a geek then you could be forgiven for not knowing much about Google+. It’s a brand new social medium which takes the best from Twitter and Facebook and rolls into a really flexible “life stream [...]

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Facebook’s new News Feed – Use Lists!

September 21, 2011

If you press your ear to your monitor, you can hear thousands of people gnashing their teeth over the new Facebook news feed changes. For years, we’ve had a simple chronological list of status updates. I log in a few times a day to get a snapshot of what my friends and family are up [...]

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The Art of Happiness

September 17, 2011

Are you happy? Truly happy? Perhaps you would be if you had a better job or a more expensive car or more friends or won the lottery? You aren’t alone if you feel this way. Many of us do. The elusive promise of happiness is just out of reach. Indeed, most of us assume that [...]

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Yuck – The band, not a reaction

September 1, 2011

I’m really enjoying a relatively new band from London called “Yuck”. I assume this was a reaction to other names band members suggested. Their sound hails from the 1990s and they really remind me of Dinosaur Jr and Belle and Sebastian. A few of my favourites from their recent eponymous album:

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HP Touchpad – Update

August 31, 2011

Yesterday I received my 32GB HP Touchpad and after an hour or so, I wrote up my first impressions which were mostly good. The build quality was good and webOS had some very nice touches such as full multitasking and an intuitive way to browse open apps. I spent a little more time on it [...]

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HP Touchpad – First Impressions

August 30, 2011

I was lucky enough to be able to purchase a HP Touchpad during their recent fire sale. I’m sure you’re all aware of how 42 days into the launch of their new ex-Palm webOS powered tablet HP pulled the plug and slashed the retail price for remaining stock. I haven’t had a lot of time [...]

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